At this moment, alien craft come and go at will. We, the people, thousands of people, are being taken against our will. Biological resources are taken against our will. Access to individuals in positions of power are made against their will.

Do not think we can change the aliens who are a part of the covert alien invasion through persuasion.  They do not have the discernment or the will to understand our perspective. They are only carrying out their duties as they have been bred to do. Though they are biological beings and still have the potential for Spirit, the likelihood of us being able to persuade them is very, very limited. They are functioning mindlessly. They do not have the moral foundation we have.

Personal freedom is unknown to them, and they do not value it, they have been taught that personal freedom is chaotic, unruly and destructive. They would not accept our pleas and our admonitions. And even those who manage and control those here on earth, though they have greater authority, will not comprehend our complaints or our persuasions.



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